Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Time Of Our Lives

So it's April tomorrow? Say wahhh? This whole thing is very confusing to me tbh! 
How are we pretty much in the 4th month of the year already? Wowzers it really is going fast, although I feel like I've been saying that in all these posts! 
But the end of the month means one thing and one thing only, an Insta wrap up of all the things that happened over the last month; and this time it's March. I hope you enjoy this look back, and if you like what you see remember to head over to Instagram and follow me (holljc) I'm posting alll the time, and the next few weeks should be really fun, so make sure you do go over and check my account out as it should be pretty busy and full up over the next few weeks! 
Wagamama's lovin' with dad before he headed back to the shire / Future room goals / Yesterday's trying on sesh and Zara buy, gift cards are my fave / Loved the art at Rescue Rooms, too cool / Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best / Friday was so much fun! 
#motivationalmonday / Only on FCP do we spend an afternoon making perfumes, loveee my course / Cannot believe it was over two months ago that we were in NYC, such a perfect city, even in the snow / Outfit inspo / Today / Happy Mothers day to my amazing and beautiful Mummy. You're the best, and I'm so proud and blessed that you're my mum, love you so so sooo much 
Loves / #motivationalmonday / Last night with some of my faves / Smiles and pretty coats / These girls tho / Loving this, too cute 
Pretty skirts make me happy / Picked up some Lush cuties ready for the weekend / Brunch at The Pudding Pantry with mum and dad / Summer time outfit goals / smiles / That outfit tho! Loving ASOS magazine atm! 

So there you have it my friends, a snap shot of my March. I hope April brings you lots of sunshine and smiles and happy times, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that we all get a little less rain and alot more fun! 

God bless

Monday, 23 March 2015

It may be hard for you to stop and believe

Jacket - Primark  Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop  Boots - Office 

Part of me feels like this outfit is a total throwback, as this Topshop shirt is just an old classic of mine, that used to be on the blog alllll the time! It's so pretty and I just love the colours, but it's falling apart at the seems(literally) now, which makes me very sad! The office boots are back again too, wasn't long was it? Feels like they're the new version of this shirt or something, aha! When you find a good thing you shouldn't knock it right? 

God bless  

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I Miso You?

Tshirt - Zara  Jacket - Primark
Jeans - Topshop  Shoes - Primark 
Lipstick - Soap & Glory 

Statement tshirts are always my fave, and I just loved this Zara one as soon as I spotted it, plus that little pun is just great, well in my opinion anyway! 
Now, those shoes! My oh my! I've seen similar shoes in places like Topshop, River Island and the like but never really wanted to fork out for the ridiculously high prices, so when I spotted these in good old Primarni and tried them on, I just had to have them. Although when you're already pretty short, wearing even remotely flat shoes isn't the greatest, but ahh well! 

God bless

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Edit

Buying coats and jackets is often a very big, very annoying and sometimes very expensive job, with many many many high street shops charging well over £70 or £80 a coat, especially in the colder months. But over the last few years I've noticed a bit of a cheat to not having to spend extortionate prices. And that cheat is Primark!
Now I know some people don't like to shop in Primark for various reasons, but sometimes it really does come out with absolute gems, especially in the coat and jacket area, you just have to keep your eyes peeled and not give up if you don't find something first time.
As a result of this over the last year or so, I seem to have gathered a rather large collection of coats and jackets from Primarni; and today I thought I would show them to you guys. Just to prove that we don't need to be spending silly amounts of money every season or with every new trend. Now I agree, sometimes you do need to splash out on a good quality coat that will last a good few years, however when the high street and fashion in general are so trend driven, you don't want to spend a huge amount on a coat that you might not like or don't feel suits you a few years or even months down the line. So again this is where Primarni comes in, as you can get those more trend focused pieces without having to worry as much you may not wear them in the future, because the prices are so much less.
So here's my edit of my Primark coats and jackets, all of them were below £30 and I have hugeee love for all of them, and so does my student bank balance!

God bless

Sunday, 8 March 2015

We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made

Jumper - Primark  Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Vagabond at Urban Outfitters

Sometimes the simpliest outfits are the best! Enough said? aha