Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Another trip to London town

This weekend me and my mum headed down to London, and spent the day in the big city. We had a lovely time wondering around Covent Garden, having tea at Laduree, and I got some more street style pictures too which is always a win! As my last London lifestyley post went down so well I thought I'd share some pictures of our little day with you guys. 

God bless

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Make it everlasting so nothing's incomplete

Coat - Primark  Skirt - Topshop
Jumper - Urban Outfitters  Scarf - Primark
Boots - Vagabond at Urban Outfitters  Hat - Primark 

Today you guys are witnessing history, as this day/outfit was the first time I've worn tights since autumn/winter 2014 began. Yes, you did read that right, I've manged to avoid wearing tights for all of September, October, November and parts of December! How I managed it I don't know, but my jeans have been very much loved I can tell you that!
Oh, and if you haven't already make sure to enter my 400 follower/Christmas giveaway to win a Naked basics palette, there's a link in the sidebar that will take you straight to the post! It's only running for 7 days (ends on 17th), so be quick and head over there if you want to be in with a chance of winning!

God bless

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Reindeers, Giveaways and Thank you's

Jumper - Primark  Jeans - Topshop
Snood - Primark  Shoes - Primark 

Who doesn't love a good Christmas jumper eyy? And when it comes to variety Primarni is definitely the place to be! They have in your face obvious ones, or more understated ones like mine! The cute little reindeer's and scandi print just called my name, and it was very very quickly carried to the check out and taken home! 
As the title also suggests, I've got a little giveaway for all you lovely followers and readers out there! Some of you may have noticed that I recently hit 400 followers (ahhh) on GFC, and I just wanted todo my bit to say a huge thank you to every single person who reads, comments and follows my little corner of the internet, as 2 and a bit years on I'm still somewhat shocked that anyone likes my rambles and outfits! 
But as I said, to say thank you I'm doing a 400 follower & Christmas giveaway. And as you can see from the above picture I'm giving away a Naked Basics palette! The giveaway will run for a week, from today until the 17th, and then hopefully I'll be able to send it out to the lucky winner for it to arrive just before Christmas (fingers crossed) I really want it to arrive before Christmas so make sure if you enter you keep an eye out on your email inboxes/twitters so that you can get me your address as soon as, then I can get it sent out nice and quickly! 
To make this nice and fair I'm using a rafflecopter widget to choose the winner. So just follow the instructions on the form below, and good luck beauties!  

God bless

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A very merry mini Christmas

As I write this post I'm back at home in Stoke, after finishing my first term at university! Say what? It went by in the blink of an eye, but today I thought I would share something a little different with you guys. 
My uni (NTU) broke up for Christmas about 2 weeks before the majority of other uni's, meaning that my flat wouldn't be together or see each other for the most of December, the same with all our other friends. In the end everything came together and I ended up having the loveliest two day mini Christmas involving; secret santa, fancy dress, Christmas dinner and carol singing. If my Christmas this year consisted of just those two days from my last week at uni then I'm not gonna lie, I'd be pretty dang happy. I had so so sooo much fun, dressing as Holly the Christmas fairy, getting overly excited singing Christmas carols with ma girls, eating a fabulous Christmas meal and giggling to no end with the hilarious presents my flatmates got for each other in secret santa. So with all that I thought I would share some pictures with you guys from my amazing mini Christmas, I can't express how much of a wonderful time those 48 hours were, and I'm now totally in the Christmas spirit.  

God bless

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Time of our lives

Sooooooo, it's December now? Say whatt? How the fudge did that happen? 
I literally feel like I blinked and November went by, it honestly feels like the month just zipped by and I hardly noticed. It was a pretty full month, both in good and bad ways, but it's over now and that means the Christmas count down has officially started? Woahh! November ending also means that I've got mere days left at uni before our 4 weeks off, how did that happen? It only feels like yesterday that I was moving in! But you're gonna have to stick around to see what my last few days at uni look like, as it feels like Christmas has come early to NTU!
But right now I've got an instagram round up of all the things that my insta lens captured during November! If you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis, and keep up to date with my Christmas count down then make sure you head on over to instagram and follow me, 'holljc' is my user name!  
Last night was pretty fun / Some newbies / Such a great bonfire night with the crew / Out tonight! / / Oh Lush, your Christmas products are the absolute cutest! 
Don't walk, dance! / #inspo / Today I am thankful for hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream / Sometimes it's just about the little things like cute postcards and pretty lipstick / Costas Christmas cups are the absolute cutest, perfect for cheering up grey days and long train journeys / Made friends with a rather large snowman today  
Such a fab day with with mum and dad at the Christmas show and shopping in Manchester / Bills for tea with mum and dad! Such a scrummy burger and meal! / It really is starting to feel like autumn and Christmas and winter and eekk! / The green statuey thing at the V&A always makes me smile / Harrods at night is so pretty / Saw this lady whilst street styling in London yesterday, so cool 
My oh my London, you really do have some of the cutest houses! / Love my mum, sending me Christmas packages / In a rather strange turn of events, I ended up going out / Love this, so cute / Such a great night with the fashion girls / Cute Christmas markets with mum / Pancakes for breakfast at Bills! / #inspo 

So there we have it, November via my instagram feed. There were good bits to the month, there were terrible bits to the month, there were hilarious bits to the month, there were festive bits to the month, but all in all it was great. So here's to December, fingers crossed it'll be one to remember and we'll all end this year with a smile and some insane memories to look back on! 

God bless