Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Culture Clash

Jacket - Primark   Sunglasses - Quay Australia 
Jeans - Topshop   Shoes - Vans 
Tshirt - This is a Love Song

This is the final of my holiday outfits, it's taken so long to get it up, but it's here now! It's a pretty simple outfit filled with lots of clashing patterns which I think adds a bit more to the whole look! 

God bless

Friday, 5 February 2016

On to the next one

January was a long month, a very very long month! 
There's lots of good memories from the month, and some not so great ones too. 
I went back to uni for the second term of second year, I traveled to a new city, spent time with friends, had a major deadline, secured an internship for the summer, and as usual ate lots of good food! 
As always when a month passes we take a trip down memory lane, looking at all that my instagram captured. My user name is @holljc so if you fancy seeing what I get up to on a day to day basis then definitely head over and follow me!   
A nice lil' salted caramel hot chocolate paired with a day of wandering shops /  Its a starting point! Lets do this /  My oh my, this was soo good! /  Thank you ASOS sale /  A year ago today I was arriving in a very cold & snowy but utterly fabulous New York! In just one week I fell in love with the most magical city and since then my wanderlust to see and explore new places has grown and grown /  So much love for my fluffy fur ball coat
Oh really???? (It was pretty great!)  /  More scrummy breakfast food with the fam before i head back to student land  /  Think the The Hockley Arts Club is my new favourite place. It definitely calls to my neon light loves / Tomorrow is definitely here! /  Pretending i'm not going to be sat at my desk doing work and drinking tea in fluffy pj's all day  /  Doughnut day Wednesday's makes everything better!  
A year ago tomorrow I got the news that would change my world forever. This isn't something I've spoken about online before but now I feel like I can. Nearly a year ago today I got the news that my mum has cancer, and if I'm honest I never thought I would get to this point. After the hardest year my family has ever had, we're all still here, my mum is still here. My biggest fear did not come true, and a year on I still have a mum. This season isn't over for my family yet but I am thankful for the people who have been there for me this year. Those that hugged me, prayed for me, looked after me and stood with me through the year. And most of all I'm thankful to God that I still have my mum. /  Beyond excited that all our hard work for the past 5 months is coming to fruition! Cockeyed is finally being printed! So so happy! /  Finally got another of my holiday outfits up on the blog today, and it's actually one of my favourites /  Exploring a snowy and cold, but beautiful Berlin /  /  Day 1 of exploring Berlin includes lots of instant photos, tickets and shivering 
Yesterday's wonderfully blue skied Berlin was just perfect /  Live art taken from brand lookbook's and more happening at Seek tradeshow Berlin /  So apparently I'm press now? Let's roll with it /  Cocktails in a shoe, only in Berlin /  Yesterday we stumbled upon the most beautiful riverside view of Berlin. So so stunning /  Lights and stripes and fedoras and layers. All in a days work here at Bikini Berlin   
Fair enough! /  East Side Gallery exploring /  The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was both haunting and breathtaking. A place where we are reminded of the great loses this world has suffered, and our responsibility to share love and goodness and respect and hope wherever we are, whatever we're doing /  Some German Scandy interiors to start the day /  Thanks for the fantabulous week & memories Berlin, oh and all the polaroid opportunities too! / The light/mirror at the Fairytale bar was on point! Can I have one at home pleaseeee? 
Adventuring & exploring Berlin was far too fun! /  A new outfit post went up on the blog this morning featuring my fave Asos sale find! /  Wishing I was drinking cocktails & eating burgers rather than worrying about deadlines & hospital appointments & interviews /  Doughnut day Wednesdays are what dreams are made of! / Topshop knows what its all about /  /   
So full of wanderlust and dreaming I was anywhere but here. Wish I was exploring new cities and adventuring new places. This week has been a killer but I'm glad it's nearly over /  Super duper proud of the FCP babes, the zines all look amazing! Everyone's hard work has definitely paid off! /  Fedoras & Fried Eggs /  Pancake & brunch Sundays are my fave /  Today's blog post is the second instalment of my Florida photo dairies! So many wonderful and magical memories

So that was my January, very full, very busy, and now over! I'm praying that February will be better, and full of more smiles and laughs and adventures and good things, for both me and all of you! 

God bless

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Florida Photo Diary - Week 2

Following on from my post last week, today we're on to the second of my Florida photo diaries, with week 2! Saying goodbye to one of my favourite places on the planet, at one of my favourite times of the year was difficult. Walt Disney World is just so filled with magic and joy and wonder and true works of craftsmanship. It's a truly happy place that lifts your spirits no matter what's going on in your life or what you're going back to. Again if you have any Disney related questions or need convincing that booking a Disney holiday is the right thing for you give me a shout on any of my social media accounts! 

God bless

Monday, 25 January 2016

How it should have been or might have been

Blouse - ASOS
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - ASOS

Boy oh boy those ASOS sales are a dangerous thing! One minute you're just browsing, the next you've got a parcel coming the next day, and this blouse was one of the things in that parcel! I was surprised by how much I actually liked this top when it arrived, and I can see it being a really versatile piece! I'm looking forward to dressing it down and dressing it up for different events!

God bless

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Florida Photo Diary - Week 1

As usual round here, whenever I go on a trip, a holiday or simply visit someplace new a photo diary post is sure to follow soon after! 
And today is no exception, as I bring you the first of my Florida photo diaries! If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Instagram (holljc) then you'll know that for 2 fabulous weeks in December I was in Florida, more specifically Walt Disney World!!!!
Disney World is one of my two favourite places on the planet and it was an absolute dream to be there during the Christmas season. 
This photo diary (as you can see from the title) is all the adventures and memories from the first week of our trip. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions please feel free to tweet me @ Holl_JC or get in touch through any of my social media accounts! I also vlogged the trip and have started uploading the videos to my YouTube channel (here) so head over there if you're interested in seeing more!  

God Bless