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Five Things I've learnt about being strong

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The last few months have not been the easiest for me, as some of you will already know. And throughout these past few months and weeks I've slowly been learning more about myself, life and surviving in this crazy, difficult, weird world of ours.
Following my mums passing a family friend brought me this 'Strong Girls Club' tee, and after wearing it recently, it has served as some great inspiration for this post.
In life there are a lot of assumptions, stereotypes and misconceptions around what being a strong person is, entails or looks like. Throughout my struggles of the last few years, I've realised I've learnt quite a bit about what being strong truly means or really looks like.
Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five things that I've learn about what being strong really looks like.

1. Baby steps are just as important as big steps. 

In life we predominantly view the big things as the most important or crucial, such as graduating, getting a job, buying a house etc. But when it comes to being strong often the small, baby steps are those that are most important and brave. Being strong shows itself most in the days when you manage to get out of bed and then make your bed when the last thing you want to do is get out from the covers.

2. Asking for help is ok.

 In life and pop culture we're often taught that being strong is about being stoic and compossed, and having all your shiz together perfectly. But in reality having the courage to ask for help, or to admit when something is wrong or you're not feeling your usual self is a hugely strong and important thing. No human is meant to walk through life alone, and being open about what you're dealing with is natural, not weak. So whether it be a friend, parent, partner or even a doctor or therapist asking for help is a strong and courageous move, even if it's just with help to hang the washing on the line or talk about your struggles.

3. Crying is healthy.

Being a big girls blouse or cry baby is painted as a massive no no. But over the last few months I've learnt that crying is ok, crying is healthy. Crying and letting your emotions out doesn't mean you're weak. Accepting and being honest about your emotions opposed to bottling them up is a strength that many underestimate but I've slowly learnt is so helpful in dealing with the hardest of times.

4. It isn't always a battle cry or charge.

Sometimes being strong doesn't shout or roar or look like a battle cry in the face of lifes trials. Strength is often the little voice at the end of the day encouraging you to breathe and try again tomorrow. Being strong is usually associated with guys like the Hulk or Thor. Yano, big beasty, ready for a fight. But strength is often just that tiny bit of motivation you have left that reminds you to try again the next day or carrying on pushing forwards towards your dreams even after failure.

5. Be your own cheerleader. 

Some days getting out of bed or gathering the energy to wash or straighten my hair can be a struggle for me. Everyone has their own limits and challenges, so rewarding yourself when you've done the things that are difficult for you or make you anxious is hugely important. Being strong and your own cheerleader is knowing when to give yourself a "self high five" (yeah, I have a friend that actually does that) or when to treat yourself to a twirl (I have another friend who does that too) or when to just give yourself five minutes in the sun to relax.

God bless  

Summer or Autumn?

Friday, 11 August 2017

Jacket - Bershka via ASOS  Playsuit - C/O Zaful
Jumper - H&M  Sandals - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - C/O Rose Gal 

Jungle Fever

Monday, 7 August 2017

Shorts - Pimkie Via ASOS  Jumper - H&M
Sandals - New Look 

Summer Wish List

Thursday, 3 August 2017
I have a bit of a problem with online shopping at the moment, so in an attempt to curb my lil' shopping addiction I've put together a wish list to share some of my favourite online picks with you guys. So whether you're going to a sunny far off land or spending your days hiding from the showers in good ol' blighty, I'm sure there'll be something new here to add to your wardrobe. 

Santorini Photo Diary

Sunday, 30 July 2017
 Photo Diaries are some of my absolute favourites to put together and today I have another for you. Me and one of my oldest friends Lauren spent a lovely week in Santorini, Greece at the beginning of July. Santorini is a place I've always wanted to visit, and finally got a chance to this summer. We spent a good portion of the trip on the beach or round the pool, laying in the sun and in my case reading all the books I didn't have chance to during the the chaos of third year. Santorini is one extremely photogenic place, as I assume you'll be able to tell from all the snaps below.

God bless